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Application Steps

Application Steps for RAIC Syllabus students completing courses for credit towards the RAIC Syllabus Diploma in Architecture:

Step 1

Confirm your course selection through the Syllabus Registrar.

Step 2

PART I and PART II students (AND ARCH 400 registrations):

Submit the online Undergraduate General Application Form ensure you select "non program" status on the application form.
Applicable fees (one time only fee - $115).


PART III Students:

Submit the online Graduate Level Application Form and ensure you select "Non Program Graduate Diploma in Architecture" on the application form.
Applicable fees (one time only fee of $100).

Note: A confirmation email including the appropriate course registration information will be sent to students upon receipt of the Graduate level Application Form.

Step 3

Course registrations/fees must be submitted online directly through the myAU student portal

Step 4

Upon completion of the course/s, submit the AU Transcript Request Form to request transcripts be mailed directly to the Syllabus Registrar National Office.

Updated June 19 2019 by Student & Academic Services

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