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B.Sc Arch Student

"I love the Architecture courses at AU for being a starting point of interest. I read about passive solar and wonder how we can retrofit existing buildings. Or I study a residence designed by Glenn Murcutt and then search out every other building he has designed because his motto to “touch the earth lightly” is something I believe in. Or in building a model of the Barcelona Pavilion and seeing the furniture Ludwig Mies van der Rohe designed for the space, I find an interest in other architect-designed furniture. There is so much to learn here and everyone’s journey will be different."
Laura Barakeris, B.Sc Arch Student.

RAIC Centre for Architecture

Athabasca University and Architecture Canada | Royal Architectural Institute of Canada (RAIC) proudly present Canada's first online Architectural programs! To this end, these two organizations have formed the RAIC Centre for Architecture at Athabasca University, which provides a new way to study architecture.

The BSc. Arch program, which has a strong focus on environmental and community sustainability, will be beneficial for public and private careers in urban and construction planning and design, as well as studies of the built environment.

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